Straight To Procedure – Express Scheduling

When it comes to referring patients, we know you have several choices. At Strand GI Endoscopy Center, we give you many reasons to be confident in choosing our center.

To express schedule a patient, please email our administrator at [email protected]

We Address Physician Concerns In Several Ways
• By offering you Board-Certified Gastroenterologists with highly trained specialty and sub-specialty
skill sets.
• By offering you peace of mind with strictly observed and reportable standards of care.
Our center is by the ASGE as a center of excellence for Quality
• By offering your patients an experience that consistently earns “highly satisfied” ratings in
our patient satisfaction surveys.
• By complete follow-up with your office to supply all necessary reports and records within a few days.
• Our Endoscopy Center is accredited by AAAHC and is Medicare certified. For your patients, we offer a pleasant, comforting experience, firm appointments, lower co-pays due to a lower cost than traditional hospital-based treatment, and best practices in measuring and monitoring quality. We hope you will consider referring your patients to Strand GI Endoscopy Center.

Our Proven Record in Quality and Patient Satisfaction
Strand GI Endoscopy Center’s goal is to provide patients with the quality endoscopic services and cost-efficient healthcare in a comfortable and safe environment. We support safe patient care by using a collaborative team approach between the patient, the patient’s family, physicians and staff. Our team of Gastroenterologists offers years of experience in diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. Our physicians and staff are committed to creating an atmosphere of compassion and understanding with minimal stress and anxiety.

Express Scheduling Option
For the medically appropriate patients, we do not require a physician consult in advance for routine procedures such as colonoscopy screenings. Our trained staff members will get all necessary prep instructions and materials to your patients. This approach saves time by eliminating the extra physician consult as well as the cost of an added office visit for some patients. Of course, you always have the option of a traditional consult for your patients prior to the procedure. Just wanted you to know that here, you have a choice for your patients.

Screening Colonoscopy vs. Diagnostic Colonoscopy
A screening colonoscopy is a procedure performed on a patient in order to find colon polyps or cancer. General guidelines recommend that the age for screening colonoscopies begin at 50 for people at average risk. Screening may be indicated at an earlier age in certain situations. A screening colonoscopy is NOT a colonoscopy that is performed to explain the patient’s symptoms (i.e. blood in stools, changes in bowel movements, etc.). If the patient is having symptoms, most of the time, the patient will need to be scheduled for a consultation with one of the Gastroenterologists in the office prior to the procedure to discuss in greater detail.

To schedule an office visit or consultation, please call the Cardiology/Gastroenterology
Associates directly. Click here for a referral form.
Direct Line 843.449.3381 | Scheduler ext. 295 | Dr. Cornnell’s nurse ext 258
Dr. Pearson’s nurse ext 231 | Dr. Thompson’s nurse ext 296
Dr. Vukov’s nurse ext 234 | Fax Referral Line 843.692.9621

If the patient has questions about financial arrangements or any uncertainty regarding insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are here to help. We participate with Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many other insurance plans. Click here for an approved payor list.