Hepatitis (cont)

Treatment for Chronic Viral Hepatitis
After the doctor has determined which type of hepatitis virus is present, treatment programs can be discussed. Some helpful hints for people with chronic viral hepatitis are listed below:

  • Review your medical history thoroughly with your doctor.
  • Exercise will depend on the presence and degree of fatigue present. If there is no fatigue, there are no restrictions to the amount or type of exercise that can be performed.
  • During the acute phase of illness, all alcoholic beverages should be avoided, as should IV needle use and risky sexual behavior.
  • A nutritious, well-balanced diet is encouraged.

Will I Need a Liver Biopsy?
Not always. Liver biopsy is a procedure by which a needle is used to remove a small piece of liver to be analyzed under a microscope. This procedure is done to confirm the diagnosis of viral hepatitis and to determine the degree of damage the virus has caused. A liver biopsy is usually not needed to determine the cause of hepatitis.

Will Hospitalization Be Necessary?
Usually hospitalization is not required. If a person cannot keep food or liquids down over a period of time, your doctor may decide that hospitalization is needed.

Treatment of Hepatitis B and C
There are numerous effective anti-viral oral medications now available for hepatitis B. In May 2011, the FDA approved two new oral protease inhibitors for hepatitis C to be used in conjunction with the standard therapy of interferon and ribavirin.


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