How to Enroll in My Patient Statements
Online Payment Portal Account

Read the directions below and click on

 1. Open your web browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and enter in the address bar. Press Enter on your keyboard.The My Patients Statements Online Payment Portal log-in page is displayed:

portal login

 2. Click the New User Enrollment link.
 3. Enter your personal information as follows:

a. Enter your clinic ID. Strand GI Clinic ID is 10986

Your clinic ID is located in the upper portion of your billing statement (and/or in the body of the statement) along with the wording for paying your bill online.

b. Enter your account number

c. Enter the first five digits of your zip code.

 4. Click Submit
 5. Read the disclosure agreement, then click I Agree to accept the enrollment agreement, or click I Disagree to cease the enrollment process.

Note: To view your statements electronically, you will need to use the free Adobe Reader software. If you do not already have this software, you can click Get Adobe Reader to download it.

 6. Once you have agreed to the disclosure, you can specify your statement delivery options, as follows:

Note: After enrollment, you will have the ability to change the statement delivery type if you need to (For example, if you opt to receive both paper and electronic deliveries now, but later decide that you just want to receive email notifications, you can make that change at any time.)

> Electronic Statements: Select this check box if you want to receive statement notifications        via email.
> Paper Statements: Select this check box if you want to receive statements via the mail.

Note: You can select both check boxes if you want to receive your statements electronically as well as through the mail.