Questions About Prep

Questions About Prep

Clenpiq Prep

Fleets Enema X2 Sigmoid Prep

Nulytely 2 Day Prep

Nulytely Prep

Standard Prep (1 Day)

Standard Prep (2 Day)


You can try sucking on hard candy or a lemon or lime. You can rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water. Also you may add lemonade Crystal Light into the mixture.

Red or orange liquid can temporarily stain the colon and possibly impair the exam.

Medications for blood pressure, heart conditions, and seizures should be taken the morning for your exam regardless of the color.

It is important that you continue drinking the solution if at all possible. Without a clean bowel, the doctor will not be able to see the inside of your colon to complete the examination. If you do vomit, wait 30 minutes, and begin drinking the solution again. If not improved, call us (if after hours contact the physician on call number 449-3381). Have a phone number of a pharmacy that is open, in case we need to call in a prescription.

Keep drinking. Most people have a bowel movement after an hour; some patients may take 2 hours or longer.

Yes, you may have solid stool higher in the colon that needs to be eliminated.

Yes, you must take the prep as directed by your doctor.

If you have drank the entire solution or if your last bowel movements were clear enough that you were able to see the bottom of the toilet, you should be fine. It is OK if you have some flecks of material. The yellow color is a result of bile that normally colors feces. This shouldn’t interfere with the examination.

Avoid rubbing when cleaning the area. Gently pat with a wet washcloth. Apply VaselineTM, Preparation HTM, or DesitinTM liberally.

The sedation you are given makes it unsafe for your to operate a vehicle or any type of machinery. You need a trustworthy individual to ensure that you make it into your home safely. In addition, you need someone that we can give instructions to after the procedure since you will most likely not be able to remember these after anesthesia.

Yes, following the procedure, the physician will speak with the family member/driver with your permission.

Yes, but nothing with a soft center or red color.

Please do.

Yes, you may wear your dentures to the endoscopy suite. However, you may be asked to remove them prior to the procedure.

Yes, the procedure can still be performed.

You need to remove all jewelry except wedding rings in the event of possible cauterization during your procedure.

Wear clothing that is casual and easy to put on and take off. Socks can be worn because the clinical area remains cool.

The total time allowed for your procedure visit should be 2 hours.

Alcohol is a blood thinner. If you drink alcohol, it is strongly suggested that you drink only a moderate amount (1-2 alcoholic beverages per day) for 5 days prior to your procedure.

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